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X Factor Group LLC (X Factor) is a film financing and entertainment production company that protects its clients’ investments by managing risk through oversight and accountability, while producing commercially viable films that generate a strong return on investments. The company maintains relationships with financiers, distributors, producers, directors, literary and talent agencies that enable us to deliver films to the worldwide market. Depending on the film project, X Factor can act as Executive Producer, Producer, or work in a co-production capacity. The company’s business focus is in three areas:


Using X Factor controlled Credit Facility, created through a joint venture with an alliance of banks, institutions, and insurance companies (for Production of Film Projects Only), we will be able to provide financing for up to 5 film projects a year.


(A) By matching funds with monies already in place, X Factor will provide financing for a slate of films with pre-sales already established through our network.

(B) Pre-packaged projects delivered to and funded by X Factor contacts will generate fees and points with no financial liability for X Factor. This will enable us to repay our investors early, fund our development arm and support the film community.

Development and Production

By developing in house projects and creating alliances with literary agencies and their talent, X Factor can secure properties in order to create package deals.


X Factor will distribute films through its established relationships with distributors in both domestic and foreign markets.

Credit Facility

X Factor is work working with a strong financial partner that brings a financial model that is used today to fund studio feature films.

The X Factor Group, LLC has put in place an agreement to structure a credit facility that exist under the X Factor Group LLC banner. The credit facility, by pre-sale distribution and insurance, creates a low risk investment opportunity for X Factor’s clients

Who and What We Are

The X Factor Group believes that a true industry roll up and consolidation of online and digital production services will be driven in the entertainment industry by an alliance of specialized companies and online services. The Company also believes that this consolidation will be driven by the integration of a film financing/production company (X Factor) with casting and technology companies that seamlessly integrate with Internet driven tools component.

The X Factor Group is a film financing and production company, offering both Internet and traditional tools associated with auditing and tracking of production expenditures. The company believes that this is the only way to realize its two goals -- financing feature films on a global basis, and driving the consolidation of the film business on a global scale towards a digital environment

Immediate Business Focus

Secure co-production funds for slates of films through our associated network of financiers and private trusts.

Enable financiers to efficiently audit and track funds used in the production and distribution of feature films.

Establish Internet based online tools to help manage film budgets.

Establish alliances with casting agencies and production studios

Emerging Business Focus

Establish a film financing fund controlled by X Factor that can operate alone and in a co-production capacity with existing funds and studios.

Establish, through strategic partnerships, an international “one stop shop” B2B online portal that streamlines the film production and distribution process.

Capitalize on the convergence of the IT revolution and the entertainment industry’s rapid advance towards online content distribution and creation.

Integrate technology and the Internet to create tools that will drive film production business to communities around studios through an online supply chain management system/portal.

To create geographic “points of presence” in and around film studios



The Company’s first convergence initiative will bring online (and off-line) expense tracking, auditing, and management tools to the investment and production communities. All X Factor projects must use these free tracking tools as a condition of funding. The tools are designed to bring value and control to the use of funds distributed by the Company in addition to helping to streamline the film making process by integrating additional services offered through strategic partners.

The Company’s funding and co-production guidelines are based on its strategy to mitigate risks, reduce costs and gradually create a centralized marketplace for production and distribution services. These include but are not limited to the following:

All financing provided by the X Factor Fund, its co-production partners, and its brokered co-production deals will be channeled through an online supply chain management infrastructure for both above the line and below the line expenditures.

X Factor investments will be spread out across a slate of films (multiple films) to help mitigate risk. Expenditures for each film production will be tracked and controlled through an online management system.

X Factor’s online partners must have an established online presence with an off-line market share. 

In addition to mitigating risks, these strategies will enable X Factor and its strategic partners to:

 Lower production costs;

Generate additional revenue streams associated with integration of e-commerce based production and vendor services;

Generate additional co-production opportunities with studios and producers;

Globally influence and drive business to production services, such as casting, sound stages, post production, equipment rentals, etc.;

Facilitate provision and purchase of production services and ultimately distribution.

By aligning with other online sites that offer complimentary services, X Factor and its partners will be well positioned to capture market share using a dedicated financing fund that requires film makers to use services offered by the Company and strategic partners. Currently, X Factor is in the process of co-financing a slate of films.

Strategic Partners

The Company leverages its international reach to bring together the best off breed companies to compliment X Factor’s goals. Companies operating in following disciplines have been contacted and have expressed serious interest or commitment:

Film financing funds, private trusts and other financial entities capable of financing approximately USD $100 million plus of feature and independent films on an international basis;

Independent producers and studios in core markets (U.S., India, Germany, Australia);

Distributors and sales agents with an online and off-line presence (e.g. Cinemanow);

Online service and information oriented companies such as Creative Planet;

Casting agencies with an online and off-line presence;

Technology partners interested in the online production and distribution vertical such as Apple, SGI, Avid, Discrete, and Macromedia. Cybermate InfoTech (a leading technology company in India) has already agreed to provide all Internet based infrastructure engines.

ISP (Internet Service Provider) and MSP (Managed Service Provider) Internet providers.

The Company is built around the acquisition and development of motion picture assets. This is not a company focused on co-financing a limited number of motion pictures. Rather, we will be focused on developing a substantial amount of properties that will become motion pictures. These properties will consist of, but are not limited to, scripts, books, original pitches, magazine & newspaper articles, etc. As studios are fervently cutting costs, the addition of producers with their own equity financing becomes very attractive model. With the investment, we will be freed up to attract quality writers, directors and stars as well as co-financiers while not having to continually ask the studio for additional development funds. The Company's management team has always been able to develop a great deal of commercial motion picture projects and then package them into movies with tremendous commercial success. In exchange for the capital investment, the investor will retain the distribution rights in their respective markets, as well as an equity stake in the Company. Additionally, the Company will own the properties being developed, building a valuable asset base of content. In today's global media marketplace "content is king." 

This is not a company that will throw good money at bad projects. Nor are we going to finance movies solely because a star is attached. The Company is about developing quality material and attracting the right talent to commercially strong projects.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have been associated with incredibly successful commercial projects in the past and the future will be as bright as long as we can control our own destiny through the acquisition and development of feature assets.




















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